Welcome! The video below will detail how the Steps To Honor Site works in great detail, but here's a quick rundown.

Welcome to Steps To Honor, a program created to honor the service of the men and women in our armed forces.  Just like other social networks, you can invite friends to share your status, pictures, videos, etc... But Steps To Honor is also very different than other social networks.

When you register, you'll do so as either a civilian or as a member of our armed forces.  You'll notice an odd question in the registration process - your shoe size.  Steps To Honor will automatically pair members of each group based on this, these matches are called "Honors".  As a civilian, when you are paired with a member of our military, you will arrange for a pair of their boots to be mailed to you.  You will wear these boots, and a name tag that reads "ask me about my boots", everywhere for one week.

When asked about your boots, you will give the bio of the service person who boots you are wearing.
For example:

"These boots belong to Army Staff Seargant, Justin Rhodus (handing them a profile printout), he's 30 now but spent the last few years in Afghanistan and Iraq away from all of the people you see in those photos in order to serve our country.  I'll be wearing his boots all week and telling his story to anyone who asks in order to personally honor the sacrifice he's made.  The troops have names, families, and lives that get put behind their commitment to serve.  Please remember what Justin and others like him have done for us.  If you'd like to honor a brave American, sign up at"

The goal is to honor the sacrifices made by the men and women serving our country and give them individualized credit for their service. Steps To Honor creates a social network with purpose, a pen-pal system for our heroes, a place to openly (and even anonymously) discuss tough topics, and most importantly, a personalized approach to thanking individuals and the sacrifices they make for our country.  Please join today & invite your friends. It's fun, it's easy, and it's free to join!

Steps to Honor has three main sections: The Community, which is a social network like Facebook©, a public discussion forum called Kickin' It, and a public photo album called Walk of Fame.

Join now, or watch the video to learn more! If you have additional questions about the site or signing up, we can likely answer them HERE.

** Please note: It may take up to 10 minutes to receive your registration confirmation email.  Please be patient (and check your junk mailbox) - thank you for participating!


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